With Tommy McNabb’s blessings I am pleased to continue the legacy of McNabb Presses at

Tommy passed on September 23, 2019.
"I met Tommy while teaching Pattern Development in Damascus Steel at the John C. Campbell Folk School in 1983. He was an outstanding student and we became fast friends. Tommy and I traveled from coast to coast as he photographed my architectural metalwork. We both enjoyed collaborating on projects from his shop in North Carolina to mine in Montana. I’m proud to have started building hydraulic presses with Tommy in 2006. Tommy’s great friendship is something I continue to cherish."" - Glenn Gilmore Contact: 406-961-1861 or glenn@gilmoremetal.com

About the McNabb
Hydraulic Forging Presses
- All parts made and assembled in the USA
- Quick change dies for all tooling

- Foot and/or hand control

- Flat and drawing dies included

- Motor to pump housing insures perfect alignment and prolongs the life of the pump

- Heat shield front hoses for safety

- A large capacity tank to keep oil cool in heavy use

- Auto return on ram to speed work and safety

- Optional depth stop to give you control over thickness of finished work

- Low maintenance, technical service just a phone call away

- Great presses designed for blacksmiths and for forging Damascus steel

Large Hydraulic Forging Press Small Hydraulic Forging Press
50 Ton Large Hydraulic Forging Press
50 Ton Capacity with an 10" Stroke. Painted "safety red"; with a 7.5 Horse Power Motor, 220 volts - 50 AMPS - Weight is 1300 lbs. 56" tall - Base is 24" x 32" The dies are rapidly interchangeable.

24 Ton Small Forging Hydraulic Press
Painted "safety red"; with a 3 Horse Power Motor, 220 volts - Weight is 800 lbs. 52" tall - Base is 24" x 32" The dies are rapidly interchangeable.

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